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The Mechanic's Edge: A Must Have for Any Responsible Shop

The Mechanic's Edge is the software you've been looking for to manage your shop more easily and efficiently.

Save Time

Digital Filing Cabinet: No more wasting time digging through invoices to find which supplier you called the last time you needed a hard-to-find part. With the Mechanic's Edge, you can easily type in a part number, and see all prior purchase information for that part.

Fewer errors: Fast work order entry for parts and automated service lists means less (error-prone) typing.

Organization: The more organized your shop mechanic is, the more time he'll have to focus on the real work of maintaining your fleet in tip-top shape!

Reduce Costs

Maintain a cross-reference of OEM parts and their equivalent third party replacements. Ever had to pay for rush shipping for a part you thought you had? With inventory reports, you can reorder parts as soon as they fall below a certain minimum.

Proactive maintenance scheduling helps you stay on top of your preventive maintenance programs to maximize machine up-time.

Accurate history of prior part purchases, coupled with the ability to keep up with preferred vendors for each part means you'll always know your lowest cost suppliers!

Know When It's Time to Sell

What if you could observe patterns of parts usage on your machines? Perhaps you have an operator that just needs more training to avoid these costly repairs.

Do you have gut instincts about whether a certain machine is ready to sell? Wouldn't you sleep a lot better if you could readily review a history of all parts you've used on a given machine or truck, all the labor hours you've spent, a complete (and readable!) description of all work ever done on a machine, allowing you to make informed business decisions.

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